Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab at Lehigh is an experimental  interdisciplinary project to integrate the Humanities across all disciplines. Funded by an Andrew W. Mellon Grant, Lehigh’s Humanities Lab works to create points of convergence between fields of study that have become atomized in the modern university. We are specifically interested in establishing new cross- and multi-disciplinary teaching and research directives for members that precipitate new knowledges.

The Lab is open to all faculty and students on campus, and we welcome your participation in our research projects and courses. Some of our ongoing research initiatives and course plans are showcased on this website, but we are also excited to hear about your new innovative ideas.


Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 4:30pm
Please join us for an interdisciplinary panel discussion on the topic of beauty and design. Faculty colleagues from across the university will offer very brief observations on how their intellectual work engages with the challenges of beauty and design and invite dialogue that may engender future... Read more