The Humanities at Lehigh

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Humanities Departments

English, Prof. Dawn Keetley, chair 

Modern Languages and Literatures, Prof. Kiri Lee, chair 

Philosophy, Prof. John Martin Gillroy, chair 

Religion Studies, Prof. Hartley Lachter, chair 

Theatre, Prof. Kashi Johnson, chair 

Music, Prof. Tong Soon Lee, chair

Art, Architecture, and Design, Prof. Anna Chupa, chair 

History, Prof. Rick Matthews, chair 



The Humanities Center

Suzanne Edwards, Director 

The Humanities Center provides a physical home as well as intellectual, financial, and organizational support for students, faculty, and staff who wish to come together to participate in humanistic inquiry, understood in the broadest possible terms. We seek to enrich the work of existing academic departments and programs in the humanities, by stimulating a wide range of activities that move beyond and across disciplines, urging members of the community to consider in the freest and fullest ways what humans are or have been, what humans have produced and are producing.