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A key component of the Humanities Lab is to foster research that asks Lehigh faculty and students to work across traditional disciplinary lines. By stepping out of our comfortable social science, natural science, or humanities homes, how can we come to a greater understanding of our research and the questions our research asks? To help build collaborations among Lehigh faculty from diverse backgrounds, the Humanities Lab offers Interdisciplinary Research Grants. These grants will support interdisciplinary research that focuses on the Humanities as a key component to understanding a research question. Research supported on Interdisciplinary Research Grants will have the following characteristics:

  • The research team will include Humanities faculty as well as faculty outside of the Humanities.
  • Answering the research question will inherently necessitate bringing faculty and/or students together from multiple disciplines. 


*Humanities Lab funding is not meant for currently funded projects at Lehigh. If you want to propose a project that has already been funded in some capacity, you will have to make a strong argument about how what you are doing in this Humanities Lab project is fundamentally different or an expansion from your previously funded project.